​​​Step One: Join USA Rugby and the Florida Youth Rugby Union!  

Your total Rugby Union dues are $55. Of this amount, USA Rugby receives $30 and the Florida Youth Rugby Union Receives $25.  Click here to launch the FYRU website where joining both organizations is a simple process.  

​*** Please make sure that all required documents you upload are legible and up to date, confirming age, current year school grade, and current photo. Your registration will not be complete until those documents have been received in the correct form.


All Star Rugby: Being Member allows you to tryout and participate with Florida Juice All Star program. This program travels and plays against team from across the country.

League and Tournament Participation: Your membership gives you access to join and participate in any FYRU Leagues, Tournaments and Events.  

Structure: One of the key benefits of a membership is the structure provided both the FYRU and USA Rugby. This includes keeping the league referees current with their training, providing coaching staff background checks, communicating recent medical updates and information and creating a strong foundation for the game.  

Insurance: Within any contact sport there is the chance of somebody getting injured. With your Membership, we have you covered. Liability and Accident Insurance reduces liability for registered members, covers rugby-related accidents at sanctioned events and more. Click here to read more about USA Rugby's Insurance coverage.    

Staying Connected: Staying up-to-date with FYRU and USA Rugby news. The FYRU puts our regular newsletter for all of its members. To sign up to the newsletter click here.  

STEP TWO: Pay Your Pelican U-19 Team Membership

Your annual club dues of $150 enable the team to rent park space for practices and games, pay for team equipment, allows us to pay our referees and other expenses.  With your membership, you will receive a pair of rugby shorts, socks, and a shirt to be worn for pre-game warm up.  

Please note that our coaches and administrators are all volunteers. They are not compensated and dedicate their time to help young players develop simply because they love the game and want to see more people play.

Who is eligible to play high school rugby with us?  Any young man who is attending high school (or home school) in Pinellas County and has not already celebrated his 19th birthday as of September 1, 2016. 

To sign up for the Pelican U-19 2016 - 2017 season, you need to first join USA Rugby and the Florida Youth Rugby Union as a player.  Then you are eligible to compete in the sport and you can join the Pelican U-19 team.  Just follow the links below to get it all set up.

Players cannot participate in any practice or game without completing both of these registrations.  

Player's first and last name

Pelican Youth Rugby Academy

We exist to introduce young people to the best team sport in the world, rugby!